Meditation and spiritual

Meditation and spiritual development Group 

This October marks a three-year milestone for those who joined us on the journey to reuniting with our higher selves. What started from humble beginnings and curiosity to delve inwards on a path of spiritual enlightenment, has grown into a family of individuals dedicated to supporting each other with their meditation practice. Through laughter, joy and kindness we come together to create a safe environment where we encourage each other to grow, share experiences and celebrate one another. 

Meditation isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about being able to sit in silence and connect with your inner self. Done consistently over time, mediation has been proven to have positive health benefits to your body, mind and soul.

Join us as we come together to master the art of mindfulness. 

For more information about the Meditation and Spiritual Development classes and booking please contact us on 0401 333 871

Meditation Group’s Nowrooz celebration at House of Persia (Hope ) March 2019