Deductible gift recipient (DGR)

We will refer to “House of Persia” by “HOPE” in this document. We refer to the venue as “HOPE Centre”.
HOPE will greatly appreciate your donations and will use it for cultural, educational and social purposes and also for the expansion of The HOPE Centre. Donations to HOPE Public Fund are tax-deductible.
Your payment would be deposited into the following bank account:

Account Name: House Of Persia (Public Fund)
Bank: National Australia Bank (NAB)
BSB: 083 – 343
Account: 3576 69786

Please fill and submit the Donation Form below and entering your name and your contact info together
with the amount of your donation.
A receipt will be issued for your donation within 2 weeks of the date of your payment.

Non-Deductible gift recipient (Non-DGR)

Please use Paypal for Non-Deductible gift recipient (Non-DGR)