Seminars & Workshops

HOPE is committed to providing information to those most in need. Seminars will be organized at House of Persia on different aspects of Persian arts and culture (traditional and contemporary) for the broader Australian Community .

Cultural seminars will be organised for those interested to learn about the Iranian literature and arts and become familiar with the work of renowned scholars and poets like Rumi, Firdausi, and Hafez.

Equally seminars will be organised to introduce and teach appreciation of Australian Aboriginal as well as modern arts by  the new migrants.

In order to assist the new migrants with their resettlement and productive integration into the broader community. Informational seminars and classes on Australia’s social norms, laws and regulations will be also offered. These will include:

Job search and employment opportunities, how to write and prepare a CV, how to prepare for interviews, and how to network in relation to the applicants’ skills and work experiences..

Seminars will be also offered on Health and Well being. These seminars are conducted by professionals and experts in arts and culture ,social services, human resources ,medical and health associated fields for all members of the community.

Special seminars will be offered for the elders and seniors, assisting them to maintain a healthy and active life.

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