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Access to library


  •  Vision & Mission  HOPE library is set up for the purpose of introduction and promotion of Persian arts and culture within the broader Australian Community.
  • Library Team  The Library Team will be composed of maximum five members. These are volunteers who are members or associate members of HOPE.
  • Library Coordinator –The Team is headed by one of its members elected by the majority vote of the Team. The Coordinator must to be a member of HOPE and will need to be endorsed by the COM of HOPE. The Coordinator will be responsible for managing and coordinating the operation of the library. The Coordinator will liaise with the President of HOPE or any other member of COM designated by the COM of HOPE.
  • Safety and Security –The safety and security of all people using HOPE library will be of utmost importance for the Coordinator and other Team members.The Team will do their best to create a pleasant and peaceful environment within the library. No materials which can be considered as offensive will be held in the library.
  • Conditions of Use – HOPE Library is a public place and any person of any age, gender, race, religion or nationality who respects the Vision of HOPE and observes the regulations can use the facilities.
  • Nature of the Material Held – Books and any other communication materials (physical or digital) will be of the nature described in the above Vision & Mission statement and for serving the main purposes of the library.All attempts will be made to acquire and offer books which will promote cultural understanding and community harmony.Only HOPE Team members will be able to decide which books and other materials can be held within the library, either through purchasing or donations.
  • Books for Loan  Certain books and materials can be borrowed and can be taken outside of the library. The borrowers will be responsible for the safekeeping of the books ensuring that the books are returned in the same condition they were borrowed. In case of loss or damage the borrower will be responsible and liable to pay for damages as determined by the Team, including the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Membership Form & Card –  In relation to the above clause, people who wish to borrow books should fill out a membership form (with name, address and contact details), and sign the HOPE Rules & Liability Statement. They will be then issued a HOPE Library Card to enable borrowing.