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One of the main aims of HOPE is to facilitate enhancement of and promote appreciation for Persian culture, art, literature, and traditional music, within the wider Australian community, and for the Iranian youths who are born in Australia, and wish to know more about their ancestral traditions. For this reason, HOPE’s committee of management has arranged seminars, classes and forums for those interested.

Art classes at House of Persia are mainly focusing on traditional arts of Iran. A list of Art Classes are as follows::

  1. Music classes to learn how to play traditional Iranian instruments by talented teachers and musicians.
  2. Poetry and literature nights.
  3. Drawing and painting classes, and sponsoring exhibitions.
  4. Handicrafts and exhibitions.
  5. Carpet weaving.
  6. Calligraphic writing.
  7. Folkloric dances
  8. Rug Making

Find our available classes below. Click them to see more information and register:

  • Beads Jewellery Making 
  • Felt Making Workshop
  • Mosaic Making Workshop
  • Seminar on Appreciation of Modern Art

For more information about our Art classes , please contact at