The provision of cultural, arts, study of literature, and social services to members and for the broader community, is the principle objective for HOPE. These programs and services will be presented as part of cultural festivals and celebrations, Persian Fair, poetry nights and study of literature, and by access to HOPE’s library, as well as through presentation of health and well being seminars for the seniors, and provision of other services like day activities. HOPE will also offer music, cooking, art and craft classes for all those people interested.
Whilst the above is the principle goal and constitutional framework for the organisation, however the community centre’s facility will not be used for the promotion of any religious or political views or activities.
The HOPE facilities and services are available to all members and the centre will be open to all ages, individuals, and groups who would be abiding by and respectful of HOPE’s charter – and access to services will be provided in accordance with the needs, demands and their availability