Partner’s Organisations

We are seeking partnerships with all organisations, government institutions, councils, schools, and companies where we can promote HOPE’s vision and objectives and improve our delivery of social services. If you wish to know how you can help and join in our journey, please contact us by email:

Following are links to and examples of other organisations that we work in collaboration with to offer joint projects.

By working together, we can make a difference in increasing social harmony, cohesion and sustainability and respect for civil society. Below are examples of programs that we have done jointly with other organisations and businesses over the years.


This is an annual event which has been organized in partnership with the City of Yara and City of White Horse since 2013. The festival is visited by several thousand people and exhibits different aspects of Persian art and culture through performance arts, displays of handcrafts, offering traditional food, providing seminars and opportunity for new businesses to present their products and services to the wider community, and simply bringing the community and families together to have fun, meet, and feel belonged.  Please visit


House of Persia assisted State Library of Victoria (SLV) to organise and deliver the very successful Love & Devotion Exhibition in 2013. In this project a large number of rare manuscripts and books on Persian art and literature were exhibited for 5 months. In addition of being involved with the promotional concept for the exhibition, HOPE also organised a Persian Cultural Day at SLV where over one hundred volunteers represented the organisation and helped with the SLV Cultural Day celebration during the Love & Devotion Exhibition. This exhibition was visited by over 100,000 people and rated one of most visited exhibitions organised by SLV.

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