It was established by the Australian Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV ) and was registered as House of Persia Community and Cultural Centre (HOPE) in 2006 as an incorporated association not for profit, no political and not religious organisation. The main aims and objectives of HOPE are to create cultural ,social ,and environmental harmony within Australian Community.

– The cultural harmony will be pursued by creating cultural understanding between Australian Iranian community and broader Australian community. As a bridge Persian Culture (art and culture) will be introduced and promoted. Efforts will be also made to introduce Australian art and culture (Aboriginal, classic as well as contemporary) to the new comers.

– The social harmony will be addressed by attending to the problems of elderly people, youth and also the new migrants

– The environmental harmony will be pursued by promoting conservation, use of renewable energy and recycling within the community.

– It will be used as a gathering place for elderly people for daily social and cultural activities. Seniors from broader Australian community will be welcome

– House of Persia will be used as a show case for sustainability demonstration and its promotion in the broader community .All measures of conservation, recycling, as well as utilisation of renewable energy for power and hot water will be practiced in the property. – The property will be equipped for people with physical disabilities and it will have wheel chair access for elderly

– All above facilities and programs will, be available to all members from the broader community who respect the main aims and objectives of the association.